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  • Start 17 September 2024

Course description

This course aims to enhance students' academic reading skills by extensively engaging with authentic texts across various disciplines. Through self-directed learning, it focuses on boosting reading speed, comprehension, and overall confidence in academic reading. Additionally, it emphasizes the development of practical metacognitive reading skills to foster critical and analytical thinking. The course employs visual aids such as outlines, flowcharts, and images to facilitate learning.

What you’ll learn
  • 00. General
  • 01. Introduction to Academic Reading
  • 02. Skimming in Academic Reading
  • 03. Scanning in Academic Reading
  • 04. Intensive Reading in Academic Text
  • 05. Extensive Reading in Academic Text
  • 06. Pattern Organization in Academic Reading
  • 07. Type of Academic Texts
  • 08. Midterm Test
  • 09. Identifying Main and Supporting Information
  • 10. Summarizing Academic Texts
  • 11. Making Inferences in English Academic Reading
  • 12. Introduction to Critical Reading
  • 13. Distinguishing fact and opinion in Academic Reading
  • 14. Detecting Propaganda in Academic Reading
  • 15. Detecting Logical Fallacies in Academic Reading
  • 16. Final Term Test

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  • Lectures 30
  • Duration 4h 50m
  • Skills Beginner
  • Deadline 16 March 2025
  • Certificate Yes

  • 4.5/5.0