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Open www.canva.com 1 Hallo lovely students, welcome to our new course in this semester "Digital Teaching Media". Digital Teaching Media course aims to provide students with the ability to produce ICT-based learning media and resources for teaching English skills. In this course, it is discussed comprehensively about the concept of media and learning resources, variety and classification of media. Students are expected to master the aspects of media development such as the understanding or limitation of certain media, its variety, functions and benefits as well as development steps for creating teaching media, consist of video, multimedia, and network-based media. As a peak ability, students are required to be able to develop media with certain procedures. Students are able to choose specific media for developed according to needs and affordability, in groups. LESSON PLAN, viewing the Lesson Plan for this course, click the start button in the image above, or click this link RPS - Google Drive LEARNING OBJECTIVES, The Learning Objectives of this course are as follow: Students are able to understand and explain the concepts and techniques of developing ICT-based teaching media in language learning. Students are able to understand and study the benefits of using ICT-based learning media in English learning based on national and international journal articles. Students are able to categorize and analyze the types of ICT-based teaching media in English (according to the type of genre at the senior high school level). Students are able to access and operate tools/digital media for teaching English Skills Students are able to produce ICT-based English teaching media in essential Genre material at the Senior High School Level collaboratively. Students are able to provide feedback or assessment of the quality of ICT-based English teaching media and presentthe results are in a mini workshop. Students are able to reflect on learning processes and products. LEARNING STAGES In addition, here is the brief instructions to explore the Digital Teaching Media course in SPADA. The course content will be provided in 16 Meetings. The learning materials are provided in the form of modules, videos, and others references. Explore the Four English Skills:In this section, you will find information about the four English skills: describing the skills, functions of the skills, and digital media for teaching those skills. Review the provided materials, which may include guidelines, examples, or assignments related to digital media for teaching English Skills. Follow "The Learning Cycle" Section:The course content is focused on the Digital Media for Teaching English Skills (listening, instructing, speaking, reading, and writing). Within the course content, you will find specific "Learning Cycle". Click on this section to access the specific information related to the course structure. Learn about the Learning Cycle:Understand the learning cycle of the course, which includes the following phases: I Know and I Don't Know:This phase likely involves self-assessment, goal setting, new information about the English Skills. The Skills:Explore information of digital media for teaching English Skills (provide modules, videos and other references). Let's Collaborate:Participate in collaborative activities, discussions, or group work to find digital media for teaching English Skills. What I Have Learned:Reflect on your learning experiences, the feedback received, and your progress in the course. Participate Actively:Engage actively in each phase of the learning cycle and complete assignments, discussions, and activities as instructed by your course instructor. Seek Help and Clarification:If you have questions or need clarification at any point, reach out to your course instructor or use WAG. Check for Updates:Regularly check the course content for updates, announcements, and assignment due dates to stay on track with your learning. Remember that the specific layout and features of SPADA to your university's LMS may vary, so if you encounter any difficulties, consult with your university's IT support or check the LMS's help resources for additional guidance.
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Open www.canva.com 1.1 Learning Storyboards and Genres Hallo everyone, this meeting will discuss what Storyboard and Genre are. A storyboard is a fun way to teach English language skills and improve students' learning motivation. In the second meeting , you will be shown examples of storyboards , shown how to create them, and asked to examine the elements of the storyboard. The third meeting will then expose you with several genres taught in Senior High School. Why should you study genres? Because you will be able to teach genres utilizing storyboards while also integrating four English language abilities.
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Learning Storyboard
Creating Storyboard
Identifying Storyboard
Learning Genres
Analyzing Genres
Open www.canva.com 1.1 Digital Media for Teaching Listening Dear All, during the previous meeting, you learned how to make a storyboard as a digital teaching media for English skills. You have also worked individually to determine the storyboard's composition.When you were making the storyboard, how did you feel? Was that challenging or fun? In addition to learn Storyboard, you also provided the material for several genres such as narrative, recount, procedure, descriptive, and report. Well, my dear students, today I'm going to talk to you about how listening is taught via digital media. Today, all of you aspiring English teachers must be able to use digital media to teach English skills, particularly listening. Let's learn Digital Media for Teaching Listening with Joy and Enthusiasm
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I know and I don't know: Listening
Listening Skill
Digital Media for Teaching Listening
Let's Collaborate
What Have You Learned?
Open www.canva.com 1.1 Hi dear students, welcome to this meeting that will begin the following English skill, which is speaking skill.In this meeting, we'll talk about what speaking skills are, how to teach speaking skills using digital media, and how you can find other digital media by working in groups. Do you have any speaking experience? Do you find learning how to speak enjoyable? What forms of digital media will you employ to teach speaking if you are an English teacher? Let's investigate the many digital mediums for speaking instruction.
Course Modules
I know and I don't know: Speaking
Speaking Skill
Digital Media for Teaching Speaking
Let's ColLaborate
What Have You Learned?
Open www.canva.com 1.1 Hello everyone, welcome back with Miss Dila. Okay, my dear students. We'll talk about reading skill in this meeting, which is the third English skill. Would you say that you enjoy reading? What genres of books did you enjoy reading? What about novel?Comic?A legend's bibliography, perhaps? What forms of digital media will you employ to teach reading if you are an English teacher?
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I know and I don't know: Reading
Reading Skill
Digital Media for Teaching Reading
Let's Collaborate
What Have You Learned?
Open www.canva.com 1.1 Hello everyone, welcome back with Miss Dila. You have learned the digital media to teach the three English skills of speaking, listening, and reading, dear class. In today's meeting, we will finish the last skill, writing. Which of the three abilities do you enjoy imparting the most? And once you begin instructing pupils in English using digital media, which ones do you find to be most effective? Yes, your choice unquestionably indicates your taste in media, your familiarity with it, and your understanding of how to best serve your students. So, my dear students, we will start working on the next talent in this session, which is writing skill. Have you ever written anything? Do you appreciate the process of learning to write? If you're an English teacher, what types of digital media will you use to teach writing? Let's look into the various digital media available for teaching writing.
Course Modules
I know and I don't know: Writing
Writing Skill
Digital Media for Teaching Writing
Let's Collaborate
What Have You Learned?
Open www.canva.com 1.1
Course Modules
I know and I don't know: Games and Quizzes
Games and Quizzes: Learning Apps
Games and Quizzes: Wordwall
Games and Quizzes: Quizizz
Let's Colaborate
What Have You Learned?
Open www.canva.com Meeting 14 Dear excellent students, you must produce a piece of work that exemplifies a digital teaching media to teach English skills in this session. You are able to select the skills you value most. Produce the finest job possible by working with your colleagues. You have two weeks to complete your work, and you must present it at the conclusion of the meeting in this class.
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Open www.canva.com Meeting 16 My wonderful students, this is the last session of Digital Teaching Media. Let's concludes the course. You are welcome to present your group final project and review other groups' presentations. Then, you are encouraged to reflect on what you have learnt in this course this class. What are the enjoyable and disagreeable aspects of this online learning? You will be able to use digital teaching media to impart English skills as a professional English teacher candidate as a result of your participation in this online learning. Good Luck
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