Visual Programming

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  • Start 23 November 2024

Course description

The Visual Programming course introduces the basic programming concepts necessary for beginners. The course should be fit for students who are willing to have a basic understanding of programming without prior knowledge in the field. The materials were chunked and delivered in a programming language-agnostic fashion. Solutions will be developed using flowchart-based language, Flowgorithm. Self-assessment tasks are available through GitHub Classroom.

The course covers the most basic yet important programming concepts, such as input/output, data & data types, variable & constants, operators (arithmetic, assignment, relational, logical, concatenation, precedences), branching, repetition (loop), array, modularity, function (parameters, returning values, recursive), and validation. Each material is equipped with a short review quiz and self-assessment task to help the student in measuring his/her learning achievement.

This course is open to students from any major, faculty, and university. The course should be worth at least 2 credits.

What you’ll learn
  • Visual Programming in a Glance
  • 01 | Introduction
  • 02 | Input/Output
  • 03 | Data & Data Types
  • 04 | Variable & Constant
  • 05 | Operators
  • 06 | Branching (If-Else)
  • 07 | Repetition (Loop)
  • 08 | Array
  • 09 | Modularity
  • 10 | Function
  • 11 | Validation
  • Final Assessment
  • What's Next?

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  • Lectures 30
  • Duration 4h 50m
  • Skills Beginner
  • Deadline 22 May 2025
  • Certificate Yes

  • 4.5/5.0