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Course Description

The Visual Programming course introduces the basic programming concepts necessary for beginners. The course should be fit for students who are willing to have a basic understanding of programming without prior knowledge in the field. The materials were chunked and delivered in a programming language-agnostic fashion. Solutions will be developed using flowchart-based language, Flowgorithm. Self-assessment tasks are available through GitHub Classroom. The course covers the most basic yet important programming concepts, such as input/output, data & data types, variable & constants, operators (arithmetic, assignment, relational, logical, concatenation, precedences), branching, repetition (loop), array, modularity, function (parameters, returning values, recursive), and validation. Each material is equipped with a short review quiz and self-assessment task to help the student in measuring his/her learning achievement. This course is open to students from any major, faculty, and university. The course should be worth at least 2 credits.

Course Syllabus

Course Modules
The Visual Programming course introduces the basic...
Course Poster
Discussion Forum
Requirements:Get an email from a reliable host,&nb...

Course Modules
In this section, you will be introduced to the bas...
01-01 An Introduction (Conceptual Learning Video)
Mini Quiz 01
Mini Quiz XX Template

Course Modules
The output of a program or solution should address...
02-01 Input/Output (Conceptual Learning Video)
02-02 Input/Output (Simulation Learning Video)
T00: Smallest Number Finder (Invitation Link)

Course Modules
During the solution execution, data is supplied in...
03-01 Data (Conceptual Learning Video)
03-02 Data Types (Conceptual Learning Video)
Mini Quiz 02

Course Modules
A value or data is stored in a temporary "bucket" ...
04-01 Variable (Conceptual Learning Video)
04-02 Constant (Conceptual Learning Video)
04-02 Constant (Simulation Learning Video)
T01: Juragan Buku - Part I (Invitation Link)
Mini Quiz 03

Course Modules
Inside a solution there could be numerous instruct...
05-01 Operators (Conceptual Learning Video)
05-02 Arithmetic Operators (Conceptual Learning Video)
05-03 Assignment Operators (Conceptual Learning Video)
05-04 Relational Operators(Conceptual Learning Video)
05-05 Logical Operators (Conceptual Learning Video)
05-06 Concatenation Operators (Conceptual Learning Video)
05-07 Operator Precedence (Conceptual Learning Video)
05-08 Operators (Conceptual Learning Video)
Mini Quiz 04

Course Modules
It is possible that multiple challenges or problem...
06-01 Branching (Conceptual Learning Video)
06-02 Branching (Simulation Learning Video)
T02: Juragan Buku - Part II (Invitation Link)
Mini Quiz 05

Course Modules
Well, doing a repetitive action is a boring thing ...
07-01 Repetition (Loop, Conceptual Learning Video)
07-02 Repetition (Deterministic, Simulation Learning Video)
07-03 Repetition (Non-Deterministic, Simulation Learning Video)
T03: The Ultimate Best (Invitation Link)
Mini Quiz 06

Course Modules
In a dynamic problem, where the number of data inv...
08-01 Array (Conceptual Learning Video)
08-02 Array (Simulation Learning Video)
T04: Buy More Pay Less (Invitation Link)
Mini Quiz 07

Course Modules
A complex problem or challenge may require a compl...
09-01 Modularity (Conceptual Learning Video)

Course Modules
A function is the smallest unit implementation of ...
10-01 Function (Conceptual Learning Video)
10-02 Formal Parameter & Argument (Conceptual Learning Video)
10-03 Returning Value (Conceptual Learning Video)
10-04 Recursion (Conceptual Learning Video)
10-05 Function (Simulation Learning Video)
T05: Freebies (Invitation Link)
Mini Quiz 08

Course Modules
Garbage in, garbage out. A great solution must sur...
11-01 Validation (Conceptual Learning Video)
11-02 Validation (Simulation Learning Video)
T06: Dorm Buddies (Invitation Link)

Course Modules
Final Exam

Course Modules
If you managed to the end of this course and compl...