Strategi Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris sebagai bahasa asing

Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik


This teaching reading topic covers issues in EFLteaching reading practices developed from empirical data from professionalexperiences as well as from reading theories. The content of principles ofteaching reading and types of teaching reading techniques are constructed fromseveral research articles specifically the reading journal. Several articles onteaching reading strategy are reviewed and used as cross reference includingthe materials of teaching reading for young learners and its reading assessmentpractices. Then, the materials of teaching and learning writing theory,implementation, and assessments are also developed through cross referenceswhether it is form writing theories and writing articles from reputablejournals

Pemula Menengah Mahir

Capaian Mata Kuliah

Thestudents are able to analyze issues in EFL/ESL teaching reading

Pokok Bahasan

  • identifyand analyze potential issues in EFL/ESL teaching reading
  • identifyand analyze basic principles in teaching reading class
  • toanalyze teaching reading and writing formulation
  • analyzethe component of classroom management in reading class
  • analyzeeffective reading assessment


Durasi Kuliah
Instructor: Sri Suryanti
Max. students: 100
Attending: 0

Sri Suryanti